On Tap

14 Karat ABV 7.1%

A smooth golden ale – tribute to the jewelry heritage of Attleboro. This ale is beautiful, strong and lasting.

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I-295 IPA ABV 5.8 %

The road less traveled, for the interstate that gets no recognition. Sometimes in life, we choose to take the more scenic route, it takes a little longer to get where were are going, but the road less traveled brings its own rewards! A citrusy IPA for those days when some good ol’ fashion refreshment from an IPA is all we crave.

On-Ramp IPA ABV 5.5 %

New England Styled IPA . Light in color with a creamy mouthfeel, this cloudy IPA will give you a nice sweetness in flavor and a hoppy finish. We’re proud of being New Englanders, and let’s face it, we like to do it our way. So, why would our IPA be any different. This isn’t your west coast IPA, it’s our IPA. East Coast style.

Commuter Rail ABV 5.8 %

Named for the transit line that connects Attleboro with Boston and Providence, the railway has become iconic in Attleboro.  The sound of that locomotive pulling into station resonates with its hardworking residents.

This smooth bodied beer hits every part of the pallet as is combines freshness and thirst.  Notes of Pine quickly dissipate with the overall smoothness and leave you desiring more.  Our test judges agree, this beer is a well -balanced pale ale that hold its own against the rest. It’s the perfect beer for those long hot days.  Whether your driving spikes on the railroad, or your sitting in an office chair, CRPA is a “go to” beer for all style enthusiasts.  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.  

Capron Park Porter ABV 5.1 %

Named after the iconic zoo that has serviced the ATTLEBORO area for many years. Just about everyone has fond memories of visiting Capron Park zoo. Whether it’s the incredible lion exhibit or the more recent white alligator. It is with great honor we give you the Capron park Porter. With a notes of chocolate and just all-around goodness we hope those fond memories come back as you sip and enjoy this 5.1% easy drinker

Bike Path 4.9 %

Last summer, we spent every day designing our brewery and taproom. The days were long and the summer heat was relentless. It was then, were decided that our first summer beer is going be one that brings refreshment to those hot days. This beer is so good and refreshing.  Skyroc Brewery gives you our first summer beer. We call it “Bike Path”. A light bodied wheat ale, zested with fresh orange peel.

Rocaberry Ale 5.1 %

Rocaberry ale is a blueberry infused wheat ale.  A sister ale to bike path, we think you will find this a refreshing lightly flavored offering for those early autumn days

10 Mile Coffee Stout 6.9%

It is named after the dark and dirty river that runs through the heartbeat of the City. This full bodied stout won’t allow anyone to try to clean it up. The three eyed fish that live there feast off the chemicals of yesteryear. Its just the way we like it.

1694 DIPA 7.5%

In 1694, the town of Attleborough was established. Its the year “we began”.  Now, here we are in 2017 building a new generation in Attleboro.  A city that embraces its past, and is moving towards the future.   Our 1694 Double IPA is a tribute to just that.  At 7.5%, its a slightly bittered and aromatic New England Styled IPA. Made with Centennial, simcoe, and citra, 1694 has the just the right balance of malt and hop character.

Brick Building ABV 6.1 %

Brick Building is the embodiment of classic New England brick and mortar. The buildings were handcrafted by local masons,  the top of the building were adorned with a smoke stack that could be seen several blocks away. It was a symbol of the factories that manufactured our goods, and the people that worked there. Brick Building is the beer that brings all that together with a little bit of smoke and a nice all around malty sweetness.