Our Beers

Our intent is to craft each beer with a story. We begin by naming the beer, from the name, the inspiration for the formula develops. Once developed that beer is born. Every beer we brew has a meaning. We believe in things like community, history, family and hard work. Check back frequently to see what is new on the “tap list”

14 Karat

The new gold standard in golden ales. Named after the City of Attleboro for being the jewelry capital of New England. 14 karat is a beer that brings out the best in all of us. It combines the perfect harmony of metals to provide long-lasting quality and exceptional brilliance. 14 Karat is the gold standard of life. Medium bodied ale with color and clarity.

Class Ring

Our latest installment of the fine pilsner based ales. Class ring is the younger brother of our prestigious 14 Karat golden ale offering a full flavor profile of a fantastic craft ale with a slightly lower abv. This beer is soon to be the superstar as all younger brothers are meant to be!

24 Karat

By now it’s no secret that 14 karat has emerged as one of our flagship ales. The sweetness of the Pilsner malt coupled with a gentle hop profile makes for a well balanced beer. So when our patrons wanted more, they demanded 24 Karat pure gold. The stronger bigger brother of 14 karat. We retained the smooth sweetness that everyone loves but pushed the envelope a littler further and delivered 24 karat

10 Mile River Coffee Stout

It is named after the dark and dirty river that runs through the heartbeat of the City. This full bodied stout won’t allow anyone to try to clean it up. The three eyed fish that live there feast off the chemicals of yesteryear. Its just the way we like it.

I-295 IPA

The road less traveled. For the interstate that gets no recognition. Sometimes in life, we choose to take the more scenic route. It takes a little longer to get where were going, but the road less traveled brings its own rewards! A citrusy IPA for those days when some good ol’ fashion refreshment from an IPA is all we crave.

On-Ramp IPA

New England Styled IPA . Light in color with a creamy mouthfeel, this cloudy IPA will give you a nice sweetness in flavor and a hoppy finish. We’re proud of being New Englanders, and let’s face it, we like to do it our way. So, why would our IPA be any different. This isn’t your west coast IPA, it’s our IPA. East Coast style.

Capron Park Porter

Named after the iconic zoo that has serviced the ATTLEBORO area for many years. Just about everyone has fond memories of visiting capering Park zoo. Whether it’s the incredible lion exhibit or the more recent white alligator. It is with great honor we give you the Capron park Porter. With a notes of chocolate and just all-around goodness we hope those fond memories come back as you sip and enjoy this 5.1% easy drinker

Commuter Rail Pale Ale

Named for the transit line that connects Attleboro with Boston and Providence, the railway has become iconic in Attleboro.  The sound of that locomotive pulling into station resonates with its hardworking residents.

This smooth bodied beer hits every part of the pallet as is combines freshness and thirst.  Notes of Pine quickly dissipate with the overall smoothness and leave you desiring more.  Our test judges agree, this beer is a well -balanced pale ale that hold its own against the rest. It’s the perfect beer for those long hot days.  Whether your driving spikes on the railroad, or your sitting in an office chair, CRPA is a “go to” beer for all style enthusiasts.  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.  


Rehoboth is known as one of the most haunted towns in Massachusetts, and we were compelled to give Rehoboth the credit its due. There are many stories about the dark desolate backroads of Rehoboth which make the hair on your neck stand up. Apparitions and ghostly sightings in cemeteries rule the internet paranormal websites. So we decided to name a New England styled pale ale the Ghost. . 

Bike Path

Last summer, we spent every day designing our brewery and taproom. The days were long and the summer heat was relentless. It was then, were decided that our first summer beer is going be one that brings refreshment to those hot days. This beer is so good and refreshing.  Skyroc Brewery gives you our first summer beer. We call it “Bike Path”. A light bodied wheat ale, zested with fresh orange peel.

1694 DIPA

In 1694, the town of Attleborough was established. Its the year “we began”.  Now, here we are in 2017 building a new generation in Attleboro.  A city that embraces its past, and is moving towards the future.   Our 1694 Double IPA is a tribute to just that.  At 7.5%, its a slightly bittered and aromatic New England Styled IPA. Made with Centennial, simcoe, and citra, 1694 has just the right balance of malt and hop character.

Streetlight IPA

An orange hue surrounds every street light on our New England back roads. It’s the way home, it’s the light outside your window. Sometimes we forget to give them a look until the light goes out, or they are covered in snow. Named after that color and glow, Streetlight IPA is Skyroc Brewery’s newest addition to its New England style IPA growing family. Soft on the pallet, low on the bitterness, but high on the juicy side, this beer will become a fan favorite for sure.

Falls Pond Autumn Ale

It’s that time of year when we take a moment to be thankful for one another and the community we share.   This year Skyroc wanted to put our touch on a beer meant to be shared with family and friends. So, we created a cinnamon infused amber ale named after falls pond.  At 6.6% abv, this slightly spiced treat is perfect for this time of year.  A dark reddish hue with just the right amount of cinnamon on the nose makes for holiday cooking and couch time.

Blue Bomber

 A tribute to Attleboro, this is our second version of our popular blueberry ale. A little more blueberry on the nose this time around, this light bodied wheat ale will continue to be a great selection in our growing family of ales.

Toasted Maple Winter Warmer

Skyroc’s first winter edition ale; made using fresh New England Maple Syrup from our friends in North Attleboro (Davell’s Farm) .   A variety of caramel malts and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla give this winter warmer a cozy taste.

Snowman Milk Stout

Every family has had a stuffed child’s toy that has journey’ed everywhere, and spent countless hours in the arms of their child.  For us, that’s Snowman.  He’s become an international man of mystery, puzzling many TSA agents.  From the mountains of Maine to the Caribbean Seas, Snowman fancies himself quite the traveler.  Fluent in multiple cartoon languages, he considers himself a conversationalist and more recently, a beverage connoisseur.  Basically, dad lost a bet, and had to name a beer after his daughter’s stuffed animal. 


1911-2001 the first born son of Italian immigrants. He was the owner of the Mansfield Dairy Company and father to three sons. This beer reminds me of those hot days when gramps would sneak a cold frosty one without grandma catching him. Geno- Skyroc Brewery’s first ever Lager style beer. Crisp and refreshing. Here’s to all grandfathers and dads on Fathers Day! Salut! Buona Festa del papa!

Becky 7

Raspberry Wheat Ale BECKY WHITEFIELD was a beautiful teenager, who was in her Junior year at Attleboro High. She passed away too soon, at age17. Becky loved playing Field Hockey, threw the Javelin and Discus, and was an avid Western Equestrian rider. She loved animals and had a horse named Apollo and a dog named Smores. She was a huge New England sports fan, who especially loved the Patriots! Becky adored her family, friends, and community, and as a way of coping with her tremendous loss, they all pulled together to honor her legacy. The Rebeckha Lynn Whitefield Foundation has donated almost HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to support children and families of the greater Attleboro area.

Express Train

Infused with Skyroc‘s own coffee blend, Express Train is our latest addition to the tap list. We added a cold brew addition to the batch and finished with an Arabica whole bean steeping just before kegging. This coffee stout earns its name. Pairs well with desserts.

Rocketeer IPA ABV 6.2 %

To our friends in the North…..
a hazy New England IPA. Remember we are all ‘brewed in the boro’
Hazy cloudy ipa with Amarillo hops from the Streetlight family of IPA’s